Hammer Visual Engineering
A favorite site of mine! Dripping with rich, gorgeous graphics. Also an excellent place to download graphics translators and models. Mark Lasersohn is a graphics professional, programmer, software engineer with over a decade of experience and my partner. His site is definitely worth a visit.

Lantica Software, LLC
Site for Sesame Database Manager, the replacement product for Symantec Q&A. This easy SOHO-geared database manager is a great choice for Q&A users, and for those who just want an alternative choice for their database needs.

Q&A User Group
If you use Symantec Q&A, any version, Dos or Windows, this is the place to look for consultants, forums, downloads, meetings, links, add-ins and general help.

Access FAQ
My mirror of the FAQ. Plenty of Access links, downloads and code snippets.

Hardparts Computer
Internet hosting service and ISP

Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce
Lots of information about the greater Garrettsville, Ohio area.

Termini Brothers Bakery - Buy Cookies!
VERY yummy site. Do not go there hungry, unless you've got your credit card immediately available!

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