Welcome to Hammer Data Systems, your source for practical real-world information management solutions.

To our great surprise, the question we get asked most often by new clients is, "What's with the hammers?"

The answer is simple. When your computers start giving you trouble, what do you most want to use to fix them?

Just kidding.

Actually, we call ourselves Hammer Data Systems because we think that the claw hammer is an excellent model for a good information management system. A hammer is simple, efficient and versatile.

It is intuitive enough that anyone can pick one up and drive a nail. At the same time, it is adaptable enough to serve the needs and creative requirements of a highly skilled user. A hammer is ideal to perform the tasks for which it was designed, yet capable of being used for many tasks that never occurred to its designers.

Most importantly, you never decide how to build a house based on how a hammer works.

Your computer systems should work for you, not the other way around. Whether you are looking for a database system to manage your business, an eye-catching revenue-generating Internet site or an integrated combination of both, we believe you should never have to say, "We can't do that. The computer won't let us."

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